Managing People Power, Strategically

This Article Originally Appeared in the Sunday Business Post... In the last 20 years people have begun to be seen as a resource rather than a cost, writes senior management specialist Georgina Corscadden. The challenge today is to align human resource management with business objectives.  The management of people used to be all about [...]

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Making Yourself Dispensable – Five Gears of Leadership

To be an owner/ manager of a mixed retail business takes talent, many skills and a lot of diverse knowledge. Usually, such owners/managers have tremendous belief in what they are doing and the determination to succeed despite all the obstacles. This is great. It is what gets the business going and as long as the [...]

Key Ways to Identify What Makes a Good Manager 

Getting a promotion into management is exciting but do you really know  what you’re letting yourself in for?  For the fortunate few, getting things done effectively without enormous fuss and tension all round, comes naturally.  For the rest of us it requires training, practice and concentrated    effort.  The good news is the managers that [...]

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Lead by Example to Motivate Your Workforce

This Article Originally Appeared in the Sunday Business Post... Ever wondered what turned the bright-eyed new recruits you  interviewed into slothful somnambulists?  If that is an accurate description of your employees, look to the mirror to find the real culprit.  Good organisations encourage people to retain the vitality and enthusiasm they first brought to [...]

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