Executive Coaching

We design and deliver coaching programmes with you in mind focusing our efforts on every facet of your development. Our company culture, which honours commitment and integrity, means we are dedicated to your growth and that of your organisation. Our coaching ethos harnesses collective wisdom which ensures lasting change, builds sustainable relationships, and allows room for constant progression. Our programmes can be delivered face to face, virtually (across a range of platforms) or by phone.

Our Peak Connexxion team aims to be the chief champion and challenger for all our coachees. Being supportive and enthusiastic about providing valuable knowledge and coaching practice comes as second nature. With our experience and capability, we can completely support our coachees by staying in touch throughout the development process.


100% of coachees felt that their coach was professional, skilled & supportive.

100% of coachees strongly agreed or agreed that coaching assisted them in meeting the challenges of their role.

90% strongly agreed and 10% agreed that, following their experience of coaching, they would recommend it to others.

Our extensive team of coaches has a proven track record of working nationally and internationally across both private and public sectors. Their skills lie in providing top leadership, training, and coaching experiences. They are independently accredited with the international coaching bodies, engage in regular supervision, and are committed to ongoing CPD. We work as a cohesive team in accordance with our internal standards of quality assurance and service delivery. All our coaching programmes are supported by our Business Manager and Administration Team to ensure the provision of a seamless service to our coachees.

We provide a broad range of executive coaching programmes including:

All our coachees have access to a bespoke Members Area of our website helping to reinforce their learning experience. It is populated with a variety of resources and tools to support them on their coaching journey with us, coupled with all the documentation needed during the coaching programme. We provide an effective process of progression for our coachees by agreeing goals, objectives, and success criteria for sustainable success.

Our coaching programmes are bespoke, tailored to each individual coachee’s needs and aligned with organisational objectives. This is an example of a programme outline:

Resilience Coaching

Whether you are going through change at home or at work, managing problems in your day-to-day life or dealing with a difficult relationship, resilience coaching can be a really useful tool.

The key benefits of resilience coaching over workshops are linked to the expert targeted support you receive on an individual basis. With our help and support you will narrow down the issues that need addressing, explore coping mechanisms and build a resilience strategy to deal with those issues. This has the ultimate aim of helping you to develop and maintain a more confident, optimistic and resilient outlook, making you better equipped to manage and overcome both current and future challenges.

Re-emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders is an intensive course providing the essential skills and tools required by cultural leaders in the early stages of their careers. Grounded in experiential learning and rich with real-life examples shared by experts from across the cultural and corporate sectors, Emerging Leaders provides professional and personal development for individuals who want to lead and make an impact. 


Senior Leaders

Becoming a senior leader who leads other managers is the next stage of evolution on that leadership journey.  Now, you have to think about how you can make other managers successful, too.

At Peak Connexxion, we can help you develop these vital skills to help your team grow and thrive.

Virtual or Face-to-Face Interview Coaching

Our skill is in guiding you to a better future no matter what industry or sector you are in and our interview coaching sessions are tailored towards individuals who want to propel their career and life trajectory forward and who need the support to succeed.

These coaching sessions can be used in whichever way suits YOU best. You have two hours with your coach and this time can be for pre-interview assistance such as application form review, competency-based approach, 360 reviews, video interviews, mock-interviews or it can be focussed solely on developing your approach for success.

Our approach is completely tailored, not prescriptive to your needs. We work closely with you to get that job or promotion, to navigate upcoming transitions and to up-skill you for success.