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Driving Performance & growth

Purpose At Work

We are the only Certified Company for Imperative.com’s “Science of Purpose at Work” tools and analytics outside the US.


Imperative is a breakthrough assessment and learning system that provides the first place for people to uncover and apply what intrinsically motivates them and gives them purpose in their work. Imperative partners with forward-thinking organisations such as Peak Connexxion to equip them with the tools, system and support network to drive purpose for their people.


A Powerful Partnership

Imperative is the leader in bringing the insights and strategies on the “Science of Purpose at Work” to organisations to drive performance and growth.

This partnership with Imperative.com enables Peak Connexxion to deliver a powerful and unique value proposition in terms of how our clients can enable the most effective coaching programmes.  It gives us greater access to research and leading edge processes to further support coaching and training interventions with a difference.

Through certification, resources and tools, organisations are equipped to lead and sustain behaviour change around Purpose for their people and teams.

“We are thrilled to have Peak Connexxion as a key leader in the Purpose Movement, transforming the way we approach work. Their long-lasting expertise in Leadership Development and the Science of Purpose is propelling organisations across Europe. They have been been instrumental in building a community of Purpose, launching Europe’s inaugural Purpose Summit and bringing the Imperative tools and methodologies to the public and private sector alike.”

Arthur Woods – Co-Founder – Imperative.com


Bringing insights and actions of purpose to your full workforce

“Georgina translates across cultures very well and she works hard at understanding the differences and challenges and seems to have an extraordinary ability to make it all look so easy.”


A movement to evolve the economy

Purpose At Work

The future is Purpose. It is what is driving innovation and radically reshaping careers and organisations. Here at Peak Connexxion we are prioritising relationships, impact and personal growth and in the process changing the economy.

The Purpose Economy is your roadmap to create a better future, today.

“At this year’s Purpose Summit Georgina claimed the space this side of the Atlantic on the new arena of “The Science of Purpose at Work” for the millennial and other generations and how important this is to us all.”


The myers briggs for purpose

The Individual Purpose Drivers Diagnostic

Purpose is the New Differentiator

Breakthrough research shows that Purpose-oriented employees are outperforming their colleagues by every measure. Because they are in such high demand, the organisations which successfully orientate around them will win the war for talent. Imperative’s “Science of Purpose at Work” has powerful implications, enabling us to help you attract and on board, develop and retain high value, Purpose-oriented employees.


What We Offer

FOR INDIVIDUALS – Purpose Drivers Diagnostic (like a Myers Briggs for Purpose) – an easy to use tool that gives you a personalised comprehensive report on your intrinsic drivers around what gives you purpose at work. This can help in career development and especially around growth and development in their existing and future roles around Purpose.

ORGANISATION CERTIFICATION – A programme for Organisations to use the tools internally to drive focus in talent management, team development, management and leadership and to enhance and leverage leadership competencies. Survey for organisations that are separate or integrated into an engagement survey to leverage the Lens of PURPOSE in Your Organisation  Where is Purpose Flourishing, or Floundering and do you know WHERE and WHY?

HIRING – Talent Acquisition Hiring Screener to find people with Purpose before they join you. An easy to use on line survey and interview topics to explore per candidate.

“Talent is our #1 operating priority and Imperative is helping us to better understand our workforce generally, but especially the needs of the Millennial generation. Purpose-oriented workers scored higher in every measure from performance to fulfilment, competences to employee Net Promoter Score across all functions.”

Jeff Weiner – CEO – LinkedIn

Understanding Purpose

How It Works

The Purpose Type Diagnostic is a survey of 30-40 questions that identifies the WHO, WHY, and HOW of purpose in your work. Together, they define not only what will bring the most meaning to your work but how you can realise your potential and impact the world.


The WHO driver is all about the scale of work where you find the most purpose. Some people love working on the front lines, one on one, while others love the big picture, doing work that creates a small change for a lot of people over time. Knowing the scale at which you get the most purpose helps you understand what types of jobs and careers are a good fit for you, and can help you shift your focus in your current role to approaches and tasks that fit you better.


The WHY driver is about the kind of value you want to create in the world. These are generally split between people who want to be on the forefront of innovation, removing barriers to allow people to perform at their very best, and people who work to ensure people have fair access to opportunities and resources. Knowing your HOW driver helps you understand how your values relate to the world, and can help you function much more easily on teams with people who have different perspectives.


The HOW driver is about where you find purpose in the way you create impact. They cover wide ranging areas such as community building and designing structures, gathering knowledge and sitting with people to truly listen to their stories. This driver is most deeply tied to your day-to- day tasks and knowing it helps ground you to what make you come alive in even the mundane things, allowing you to sustain your purpose throughout your career. Your Purpose Type Report uncovers intrinsic motivators around your work and helps you frame those motivators to create meaningful change.

“Imperative has developed something amazing and has taken the bold step of making it available to anyone with the heart, courage, and will to engage.”

Ricardo Gonzalez – Allstate

Purpose at work

Purpose can help your business to:

  • Thrive and help your people stand out for the right reasons.
  • Hire talent and to have in-depth insights to explore at interview.
  • Keep and on-board talent.
  • Develop careers and succession planning.
  • Develop more effective leaders.
  • Attract the next generation to ensure ‘meaning’ at work.
  • Help organisations create a work narrative that is transformational not transactional