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Have you ever wanted to have a non-judgemental conversation with someone who would listen, give you support and help create the right way forward for you?

Coaching is all about choice and for some it is a very specific issue and time-bound, for others it is a longer journey. Either way, the process is all owned and navigated by you. The Peak Connexxion Coaching team can offer expertise, support, self-assessments and a wide variety of material to help you move forward in a sustainable manner.

“Georgina’s confidence-boosting techniques, allied to her insights on how to prepare for a challenging interview, saw me get through not one but two separate job applications, several years apart, and into the final selection procedure. Would I recommend her? You betcha! She’s brilliant!”

Dónal Denham – Department of Foreign Affairs

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What is Coaching?

Primarily, it is an investment in you for you and will offer you a chief champion and chief challenger to enable you to reach your goals. It is not prescriptive as it is about helping you find the self-insight and tools that will sustain and enable you to reach your dream of success. It is completely confidential and will assist you to understand and unlock your potential.

Start today and book a session. What are you waiting for?

Whilst coaching is often experienced within the upper levels in organisations, many people are recognising that waiting for an organisation to extend the coaching to them may mean missed opportunities. People are now investing in themselves at every level to further accelerate their career and future…

How about you? You may be taking on a new role, preparing for a promotion, dealing with a change or transition and its impact, returning from maternity leave, preparing for a career change or interview…

It is completely up to you how you work with your Peak Connexxion coach: face to face or via Skype – our sessions are always confidential. We ask you to fill in a preliminary brief questionnaire to assist you to reflect on and prioritise your coaching objectives and to give your coach an opportunity to understand what you might want to achieve. In our experience, coaching starts at one point but many other elements blossom along the way.

All our coaches are accredited with many years’ experience and we strive to match skillset and personality for maximum output. We have an extensive library of resources built up over 30 years and can fast-forward you to the skill, model or toolkit you need or we can develop something specifically tailored to you.

“Georgina is fantastic! Her ability and experience with asking the right questions really helped me gain insight into how to maximise my own performance as I developed my career. Competitive workplaces have a very narrow gradient between success and failure when it comes to advancement. Georgina is the coach that you want in your corner to help you translate your signature strengths into being the most effective leader in your organisation.”

Christian Petterson – Commercial Negotiator – Chemical, Oil & Gas USA

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We Offer a Range of One-to-One Programmes Including:

  • Individual Coaching Programmes depending on your needs – Career Moves, Career Crossroads, Challenges at work – Direct Manager, Peers, Direct Reports, Leadership Skills, Confidence Boost or Preparation for Presentations and Meetings, How to Influence More Effectively or Transitions at Work
  • Interview Preparation – Get that promotion, Change your life and go where you’re celebrated!
  • Developmental Coaching with a Psychometric Instrument to help you reflect and develop an action plan. Instruments include: Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Capitalists Report (ECR), Purpose Drivers Diagnostic and Individual Dimensions Report
  • Maternity coaching programmes (before and returning to the workplace)
  • Bespoke Women in Leadership Coaching programmes
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Behavioural and Psychometric Instrumentation:

The Peak Connexxion Group are qualified and accredited to use a wide range of instrumentation to support and enhance your training and coaching experience including:


The Emotional Capital Report provides a wealth of insights, tactics and strategies for systematically building emotional intelligence in individuals, teams and your organisation.


Using this tool, your organisation can take a comprehensive view of candidates and use the results to determine if and where each candidate fits within your company.

Purpose Diagnostics

This is a breakthrough system providing the first place for people to uncover and apply what intrinsically motivates them giving them purpose in their work.

Additional Instruments

We are fully accredited in the use of a wide selection of Behavioural Instruments which add sustainable value to our Coaching and Training Programmes.

“Georgina is a tremendous coach and leader. She leads with passion, integrity, commitment, and with a great sense of humour. She helps to build strong, supportive relationships, and has a wonderful authenticity in her approach. She encourages you to work to your fullest potential, builds your self-esteem, and will acknowledge your successes and achievements.”

Katie Gilsenan – Project Manager – Mazars