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Interview Preparation with Georgina

Feel the fear and appreciate your success OR stay where you are!

We regret what we don’t do…whether it’s the public sector e.g. Tlac, PO, AP, HEO etc. or private sector CEO, Senior manager, technical and non technical jobs, media etc. Our skills are in guiding you to a better future, no matter what the industry or sector

A session with Georgina is an affordable way to invest in your future with skilled, knowledgeable coaching that can be a one off, a series of sessions on a topic or an instrument focussed on your needs.

This is aimed towards individuals who want to propel their career and life trajectory forward and who need support to succeed.

Organisations are investing in coaching programmes all the time and now individuals are no longer waiting to be asked but are doing it for themselves to navigate their own career and destination. The investment is worth the expert help, support, materials that can accelerate your success.

Simply sign up, choose your product option and we do the rest and arrange your instrument and coaching session and work with you on your future, so let’s get you started!

Interview preparation, is a two hour session with Georgina and an option to use this in a way that helps you most. The time can be used for pre-interview assistance e.g. application form, competency approach, reviewing internal reviews, 360 etc, video interview, mock-interview or focussed solely on developing your approach for success.

This session is tailored, not prescriptive to your needs, get that job, get that promotion!

Be Interview Ready With Georgina