Four Dimensions of Leadership & Talent

This breakthrough tool captures, synthesises, and visualises unparalleled candidate insight and delivers it to you in real time on any computer or tablet. Whereas most assessments only provide a partial view of a person, the Korn Ferry 4D (KF4D) Executive Assessment provides the most holistic perspective on the market today covering the individual’s competencies, their personality traits, what drives them, as well as the experiences that are aligned to the role.

The first two dimensions KF4D observes are competencies and experiences. “Competencies” include the abilities, skills, and behaviors that a candidate will need to succeed, while “Experiences” are assignments and positions that prepare candidates for future opportunities.

While “Competencies” and “Experiences” can indicate what an individual can do, “Traits” and “Drivers” provide a deeper insight into who they are. These are the internal qualities a person has, such as personality traits and personal motivations. KF4D can be used as a whole or quadrants can be used in part to examine specific aspects of an individual or organization.

Using this KF4D tool, your organisation can take a comprehensive view of every candidate and use the results to determine if and where each candidate would fit within your company.

Are You Seeing The Full Picture?


Skills and behaviours required for success that can be observed.

For Example

Decision quality, strategic mindset, global perspective and business insight.


Assignments or roles that prepare a person for future opportunities.

For Example

Functional experiences, international assignments, turnarounds and fix-its.


Inclinations, aptitudes and natural tendencies a person leans towards, including personality traits and intellectual capacity.

For Example

Assertiveness, risk-taking, confidence and aptitude for logic and reasoning.


Values and interests that influence a person's career path, motivations and engagement.

For Example

Power, status autonomy and challenge.

See The Full Picture!