Proven Results

At Peak Connexxion, we are proud to have a proven track record of providing focused and streamlined team facilitation services. Whether your organisation is public or private, we offer expertise developed over many years working with a diverse range of clients. Through our comprehensive approach, we have helped teams overcome difficulties in engagement, communication, work styles, remote working, and culture.

A Concise 8 Stage Team Facilitation Process

Our methodology is tailored towards each teams’ unique needs. Our model focuses on these eight key stages:


Growing Together

We work with your teams to recognise:

  • Areas of development
  • Team strengths
  • Team potential


We work with teams to determine the key issues, to identify positives and potential. Using this information we create immediate impact and traction with agreed and workable action plans. These help to provide a clear, progressive structure for your team with key actions, deliverables and timelines. 

Our team facilitation approach is detailed and thorough with a defined timeline and deliverables.

Organisational Capability Review (OCR)

Our expert OCR team at Peak Connexxion works with Government departments to prepare and support their Organisational Capability Reviews (OCR). This review concentrates on the capability of an organisation and its ability to fulfil and achieve its future objectives.

By using our 4-stage technique, focusing on key areas such as Leadership, Strategy, Organisational Capability & Delivery, we can provide an intrinsic insight into key developmental areas. Through this method, we have supported many Government Departments in successfully preparing for their OCR.

OCR Process