Bespoke Leadership Development Programmes

Leadership has always been more difficult in challenging times. The stresses and strains faced by leaders and organisations today, call for an innovative approach to what constitutes genuine leadership. Such challenges have hastened the need to restore confidence, build resilience, enhance self-awareness, and relate sincerely to all stakeholders. 

We are prominent providers of effective leadership development programmes. We’ve had the privilege to work alongside many organisations, bringing about transformational leadership through our “Leaders Building Leaders” programme. This encompasses the development and application of a variety of skills, shaped by factors such as managing working relationships and increasing self-awareness.

Our bespoke approach to leadership programmes makes them a worthwhile investment. We encourage ownership to ensure trust, sustainability and legacy and to maximise the results for your organisation.


Image by Philip Barret

Our Unique 5D Approach

Our unique approach and methodology seeks to :

  • Define the goals and objectives for the programme and the agreed vision & approach
  • Diagnose the key issues using our extensive diagnostic tools and process
  • Develop a bespoke programme for each organisation which meets its unique requirements
  • Deliver an innovative and dynamic programme 
  • Determine the effectiveness of the programme with our range of evaluation tools

Our programmes are based on international best practice for developing leadership excellence. This research identifies the following critical core components:

  • Understanding the culture, context, and purpose of your organisation.
  • Developing a personal leadership brand, behaviours, and knowledge.
  • Identifying leadership challenges and building skills to overcome them.
  • Relationship, network management and team innovation.

Award Winning Programmes

Organisations who have attended our award-winning programmes have reaped the benefits in the form of increased performance, renewed purpose, enhanced leadership qualities and management skills.

We thrive on our ability to break down complex information and situations, transforming them into workable solutions that create a lasting impact for your organisation. Our approach incorporates a series of activities including contributions from external experts, group work, critical exploration, and review of leadership theories/case studies. By using a variety of methodologies, we stimulate the mind, encourage reflection, challenge behaviour and foster discussions. We also offer an extensive panel of guest speakers who enrich and enhance the experience of our programmes.

The Peak Connexxion team is uniquely positioned to assist organisations of all sizes with the development of bespoke and customised programmes which meet their specific needs, requirements, and challenges.