“Feedback from participants on our Accelerated Management Development programme is always strong for the Personal Leadership module and in particular around the value added by Georgina as the facilitator. The reaction during review is usually around how they have been challenged about their mind sets and how developing a more productive mind set is critical for leadership. She creates a memorable experience in the room. From a professional perspective I have always found Georgina very knowledgeable, innovative and pro-active to work with and I am always confident that our people are benefiting from time with Georgina.”
Mick Byrne DAA AMDP HR Manager

“I found coaching with Georgina was immensely valuable. It gave me a better insight and understanding of myself and enabled me to develop a more strategic outlook. I really liked her informal style and yet formidable knowledge and reflections back to me. It was very easy working with Georgina and she won my trust immediately which really allowed me to open and feel completely at ease in this dynamic, thank you.”

Philip Boyle SRO Site Manager – Facebook

“Georgina never gives up and will be totally committed and there for you. She seems to have a knack for understanding the  nuances  within  senior  management  and  organisational  behaviour.  She  helped   me  navigate  successfully  through some challenging times and reignited my motivation.”

Fiona Fitzpatrick Commercial Manager – Microsoft

“We had a challenge to bring together many changes for the business whilst really having to acknowledge our own strengths and weaknesses as a senior team and to make some tough decisions. Georgina handled it all with aplomb and great sensitivity whilst reflecting clearly back to us some key points that we needed to change to drive forward.”

Derek Wilson CEO – Siemens

“It was my pleasure and privilege to work closely with Georgina who teaches on our RCSI Masters in Healthcare Management Programmes in Bahrain. Georgina’s expertise, enthusiasm, inspiration and tenacity is incredible. She has a great ability to apply theory to practice and remarkably bridge the theory of practice and implementation gap. Thanks for everything Georgina you are a true Leader! All our participants continue to benefit long after her input and are keen to connect back every time she is here.”

Dr. Michael Shannon PhD MBA, BSc, Dip Ed, FFNMRCSI, RGN, RPN, ONC   – Programmes Director Bahrain

Royal College of Surgeons

“Georgina and her team are always impressive in their ability to work with such a wide variety of people and develop them on a successful journey. She adapts her approach with empathy, commitment and energy. Georgina is immensely talented and has extensive experience and gently guides the training and coachees through the right tools and models that they need for their situation. Her psychology background offers a pedigree of academic models, yet Georgina is able to translate these into practical application to create solutions that fit the person and the organisation.”

 Mary Murphy Senior HR Manager Dell Computers

“I have worked with Georgina and her team for over 17 years and would say that she is world class standard in her training, coaching and in creating the right team to suit every client’s needs. Georgina has a fundamental integrity and humanism to her style and what she gives to her clients as an organisation and her participants or coachees is authentic. Being in the room when training is happening is never a script process but a real energy to challenge and support in order for the organisation and individuals to succeed. Her standards permeate the team to ensure a high class training and coaching programme. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peak Connexxion.”

Professor Ciaran O’Boyle RCSI Head of Institute of Leadership

“Having worked with Georgina and her team for a number of years both as a colleague and a client I can fully vouch for her integrity and high standards. Whatever programme she is working on you can be guaranteed of its Gold Standard as she relentlessly pursues a high standard and state of the art materials.”

Dermot Duff Adjunct Professor Trinity College Adjunct Professor, School of Business, Trinity and an Executive Learning Director at the Irish Management Institute. Associate Professor, University of Nottingham, Host of the Growth 100 programme. 

“Georgina has driven her team and Teagasc Leadership Development Programme (Level 9 accredited programme) with imagination, subject matter expertise, focus on organisational return on investment and most importantly positive energy to make it the huge success that it is recognised to be within Teagasc.  I would strongly endorse Georgina’s leadership capabilities and professionalism to deliver high quality outcomes.”

Alan Phelan Head of Human Resources Teagasc

“Georgina’s confidence-boosting techniques, allied to her insights on how to prepare for a challenging interview, saw me get through not one but two separate  job applications, several years apart,  and into the final selection procedure.  Would I recommend her? You betcha!  She’s brilliant!”

Dónal Denham – Department of Foreign Affairs

“I started my coaching at a tough crossroads in my career and after only one session I already felt grounded and able to move forward. Indeed Georgina challenged my thinking in such a supportive way, that I not only got a more senior post but moved to London and now another senior post back home. What a great journey guide thank you.”

Adam – KBC Senior Manager

“Georgina is an insightful coach who provides feedback and direction in a very empowering fashion. She takes into account the work-life horizon that sets the balance for personal emotions and then directs you to a space where new and interesting reflections on leadership and emotional intelligence emerge. Her style is conversational rather than academic and her advice is pragmatic and grounded in the challenge of delivering improvements through effective leadership in the workspace.”

Fergal McParland – Eirgrid

“Working with Georgina was a completely fresh experience for me. It was the first time I found somebody was capable of being a coach and a leader at the same time. The sessions we did together I found genuinely fulfilling. It is the first and to this date the last session I attended that I really felt I gained both intellectual growth and challenged to do thing differently – both for the better.”

Gavin Brennan – New Ireland Assurance Senior Manager

“I have been involved in this programme since its inception and I have continuously been impressed by Georginas Leadership, high standards and commitment to ever increasing improvements and real desire to ensure that the benefits of the programme become and continue to pay dividends for the organisation.”

Tom Doherty Senior Management Team Teagasc

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