“Thank you so much for yesterday – it was a great success and feedback has been wonderful. Your session was inspiring and highly motivating – I am sure there will be developments and changes amongst the participants as a result.”
Grace O’Malley Trinity President TWG, Psychologist

“Thank you for your valuable contribution to Wednesday’s conference. We were delighted to have you on our panel of speakers and I hope that you enjoyed the day.  Your presentation was very interesting, expertly delivered and really well received by all in the room. I thought you might be interested to know that your topic title received the most impressions and one of the highest click through rate on the lead up to this event.”

Emma McBride – Events & Training Development Manager Public Affairs Ireland

“Georgina brought rigour and enthusiasm to giving our professionals much valuable food for thought re managing under pressure using the ‘Navy Seals’ model.”


“Our Sales conference and Making a Difference with a 100% attendance as Georgina also helped us design the day and one we will all remember and benefit for some time to come. We gave her a curve ball and she navigated it brilliantly.”


“I found Georgina’s presentation not only spoke to the audience but had real resonance and ‘stickability in its content.”

Central Bank 

“A very engaging speaking style who also focusses on making her topic and content highly accessible. Positive, uplifting and worthwhile.”


“Georgina’s presentation was very interesting, expertly delivered and really well received by all in the room. In addition, her topic title received the most impressions and the highest click through rate in the lead up to this event.”

Public Affairs Ireland

“Georgina is known by reputation as each group continue to talk about her speaking sessions many many months after and constantly ask for more of ‘Authentic Leadership’.”

RCSI –(Bahrain)

Royal College of Surgeons

“We have continued to leverage Georgina’s skills to lead, design and inspire our annual ‘Thought Leadership Symposium’ and she never disappoints.”


“Georgina was Very clear, engaging and made complex topics easily accessible with respect and connection to her audience on ‘Engaging Teams using MBTI’.”

Lloyds Bank 

Georgina visiting my MSc in HRM class this year with one of her coachees who she had coached through a challenging change management experience. The extremely engaging guest talk from the pair outlined the change process that the manager in question had gone through and the invaluable role of the coaching relationship during this time. Georgina talked to the students about leadership in particular and how students can care for themselves within leadership positions. The student feedback was extremely positive about this lecture and they found it extremely interesting to learn about the role of coaching within challenging times as a leader, an angle which most had not considered previously.”

Trinity College Dublin

“Georgina gave a really meaningful interactive presentation on the power of team roles that really hit the core and the needs of the audience.”


“Georgina is totally professional and yet warm and extraordinary at understanding very quickly the nuances of each audience. She is one of our most popular speakers in the areas of Leadership, Women in Leadership, Organisational Behaviour and Conflict Management”

Surrey County Council

“A roomful of people and Georgina not only managed to inspire them, but also nudged them into action to great impact ‘Driving Change’.”


“Georgina had a very easy and engaging style and allowed the audience to set the pace to ensure they got something out of it individually, no small task in a short timescale and underpinned her technique with our competencies – Confidence -It’s all in the Mind”

Business in the Community

“How to Reduce Stress in the System – This keynote was full of practical tips and techniques that helped all levels within the organisation get the best from and for themselves and the organisation.”


“Great delivery to a seasoned group who found new insights in ‘Motivation Challenge & Change’

Irish Defence Forces

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