We can write you a course outline or give you a coaching model, but we would rather work in partnership with you in diagnosing, creating, delivering and evaluating what works for you and your organisation…

We believe in a pragmatic approach that is underpinned by theory, research and thought leadership which remains long after the programme is completed. Our Programmes will increase productivity, support talent development and retention, enhance performance and create sustainable employee engagement at the DNA level of your organisation.

The Peak Connexxion team, led by Georgina Corscadden would welcome the opportunity work with your organisation to create and develop leadership, to leverage talent throughout the organisation.

Leadership and  Management Training:

The Peak Connexxion training team, led by Georgina Corscadden, Master Trainer has a proven track record of providing professional, thought provoking and academically grounded training programmes to a diverse base of companies and organisations. Peak Connexxion’s skill is to integrate a number of coherent themes which offer the participant and the organisation the greatest synergy of knowledge, techniques and value for money.

The core of our approach is to enable participants to internalise the learning so that it is sustainable long after the training has completed. We blend training and coaching techniques during our workshops which embed learning and is critical in achieving lasting results. We fundamentally believe in connecting with our audience in a way that not only gives the trainer credibility but also enables the participant to resonate with the material for themselves while assured that the trainer understands their world, public or private sector.

Peak Connexxion offers a range of leadership and training programmes including resonant leadership, influence and persuasion, team development and cohesion, personal branding, Purpose at Work and Women in Leadership.

 “I have been involved in this programme since its inception and I have continuously been impressed by Georginas Leadership, high standards and commitment to ever increasing improvements and real desire to ensure that the benefits of the programme become and continue to pay dividends for the organisation.”

Tom Doherty – Senior Management Team – Teagasc.

Executive Coaching

Georgina Corscadden and her panel of coaches comprises knowledgeable, coaching practice, with 30 years’ experience in a range of organisations both in the private and public sector.

Our Executive Coaching programmes are customised to your organisation’s specific needs and requirements and aim to encourage advocacy for self-leadership, collaboration and learning. Peak Connexxion works closely with our clients to create and develop leadership throughout the organisation to leverage a leadership and coaching culture and to encourage a cascade approach of creating a coaching style within the organisation to further progress their delivery of services.

We specialise in multi-cultural coaching and we offer “Inter-Cultural Communication” programmes to assist organisations bringing employees from overseas to Ireland. Peak Connexxion has been an advocate of Women in Leadership since the 1990’s both in Ireland and the UK and we offer a range of coaching programmes and services in this area.

In addition to our customised Executive Coaching Programmes, we provide on-demand coaching for particular opportunities, transitions or issues that arise for individuals. We also provide stand-alone coaching sessions to support training and further internalise competencies learned.

“Georgina is an insightful coach who provides feedback and direction in a very empowering fashion. She takes into account the work-life horizon that sets the balance for personal emotions and then directs you to a space where new and interesting reflections on leadership and emotional intelligence emerge. Her style is conversational rather than academic and her advice is pragmatic and grounded in the challenge of delivering improvements through effective leadership in the workspace”

Fergal McParland – Eirgrid

Team Coaching

Our team coaching programmes have been extremely effective in enhancing team cooperation and effectiveness using our unique Purpose at Work individual and team reports. We also specialise in helping teams to successfully overcome the challenges of change, transitions, group dynamics, mergers and acquisitions.

“We had a challenge to bring together many changes for the business whilst really having  to acknowledge our own strengths and weaknesses as a senior team and to make some tough decisions. Georgina handled it all with aplomb and great sensitivity whilst reflecting clearly back to us some key points that we needed to change to drive forward.”

Derek Wilson CEO – Siemens

Interviewing Services

The Peak Connexxion team provides a suite of services for your organisation to support both the interviewer and interviewee. These include :

–   Interviewer Training
–   Interviewee Training
–   Chairing Interview Panels
–   The new “Purpose at Work” Hiring Screener

“I started my coaching at a tough crossroads in my career and after only one session I already felt grounded and able to move forward. Indeed Georgina challenged my thinking in such a supportive way, that I not only got a more senior post but moved to London and now another senior post back home. What a great journey guide thank you.”

Adam – 
KBC Senior Manager

Reap The Benefits:

For Your Organisation

More confident and effective leadership, increased employee engagement, sustainable learning and development and improved reporting and stakeholder relationships.


For Teams

Improved team efficiency, clearer vision, improved morale and the creation of synergies to release group potential. Enhanced communications and easier goal achievement.

Individual Services

For Individuals

Enhanced leadership skills, personal growth, motivation and commitment, better self-awareness and increased understanding of how to best utilise their own strengths and weaknesses.

Behavioural and Psychometric Instrumentation:

The Peak Connexxion Group are qualified and accredited to use a wide range of instrumentation to support and enhance your training and coaching experience including:


The Emotional Capital Report provides a wealth of insights, tactics and strategies for systematically building emotional intelligence in individuals, teams and your organisation.

Details Here


Using this tool, your organisation can take a comprehensive view of candidates and use the results to determine if and where each candidate fits within your company.

Details Here


This is a breakthrough system providing the first place for people to uncover and apply what intrinsically motivates them giving them purpose in their work

Details Here


We are fully accredited in the use of a wide selection of Behavioural Instruments which add sustainable value to our Coaching and Training Programmes.

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Discover How Peak Connexxion Can Develop Leadership and Leverage Talent in Your Organisation…