Our Vision – Our Future Ideal World


Our Vision is to enable a lasting impact at the DNA level of organisations for People to come to work and let their Purpose “Resonate”.

We want Purpose ignited at every level within organisations to enable an untapping of talent to create effective individuals, responsible organisations and a stronger society.

Work is a force for good. As Confucius said “Do what you love and you will never work a day”… We aim to create more Energy, Presence and Real Connection in the workplace through greater and more distributed Positive Leadership. We truly believe that business is a force for good and needs to keep an authentic “Philosophical Heartbeat” in order to keep the compass aimed at True North.

Our Mission

Our active Mission is to offer Best Practice in igniting “Purpose at Work” through delivering Management and Leadership Training and Coaching Services to both individuals and organisations that serve and reflect the many changes in the world of work going forward in the 21st Century.

The line is blurring between leaders, managers, and customers – Purpose and Full Presence are the keys to developing a real understanding of the different lens we all look through.

Our Values

  • To provide active opportunities for all at work to develop Relationships, Positive Impact and Growth
  • To build strong and lasting relationships with clients and staff
  • Enable “Positive Impact” with our clients and our team
  • Growth – for our clients, the team and for the organisations we work with
  • Persistant unswerving optimism in the pursuit of untapping “Purpose at Work” so that work at every level and every moment can be transformational versus transactional
  • To enable Leadership and Talent be ignited and distributed at all levels of the organisation; To fuel a strong alignment towards “Purpose at Work” within organisations and lives that are sustainable to the highest standard through work

Devotion, Engagement, Reciprocity, Respect, Contribution, Connection, Involvement, Inclusion, Fairness, Equality, Warmth, Empathy, Partnership, Authenticity, Realm of the Real