Peak Connexxion Team

Peak Connexxion has an extensive and diverse team of Coaches and Trainers led by our CEO and Master Coach / Master Trainer, Georgina Corscadden. Our dynamic team has a range of skills and specialisms and a proven track record of delivering services to organisations and individuals across the private and public sector.

Our coaches and trainers are supported by our Business Manager and administration team who ensure the provision of a professional and seamless service to our clients.

The Peak Connexxion team offers commitment and energy in both the design and delivery of all our training and coaching programmes. We work with integrity and commitment to make a difference both for the individual and the organisation. We work in partnership to harness the collective wisdom that can sustain lasting change and build relationships with our clients continually strive towards continuous improvement. Our team has a proven track record of delivering services across the public and private sector.

We are also linked with research from the United States on the science of Purpose at Work, including recent research at a national level in the US and global research in this arena with LinkedIn.

Experience, Innovation, Purpose

“Georgina and the team at Peak Connexxion prepared and delivered an excellent leadership  programme for our management team.  They took the time to know and understand us, they designed a great programme including top external speakers, and they delivered it really well.  The whole experience was both valuable and enjoyable.”

John Callinan, Second Secretary General for the International, EU and Northern Ireland Divisions –  Department of the Taoiseach.