Welcome to Peak Connexxion – Our Story

The Peak Connexxion Group is the most experienced and innovative supplier of purpose designed Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Management Training programmes in Ireland.  With vast international experience, Peak Connexxion’s CEO Georgina Corscadden brings flair, knowledge and academic excellence to the provision of bespoke solutions for individuals and organisations.

We are all about enabling and creating Peak Performance for people at every level in an organisation (including our own – walk the talk and talk the walk!). Although our official journey started in 2006 – 11 years ago, it belies a journey of experience and resources of over 30 years and from multiple countries.  An interesting pathway from M&S, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, IMI and many wonderful clients along the way from both the private and public sectors.

Peak Connexxion has been involved in designing and delivering training and coaching programmes for many years both in Ireland and internationally.  We have worked successfully across many programmes including; Strategy, Change Management, PMDS, General Management and Leadership Development with clients such as the European Commission, the BBC and Microsoft.

The Peak Connexxion Group offers commitment and energy in the design and delivery of all our programmes – We are proud to be recognised for making sustainable change at the DNA level of all our client organisations.

Georgina Corscadden and the team at the Peak Connexxion Group are fundamentally curious about bringing the right tools to your organisation and its individuals at the right time.  Georgina has been widely credited with many famous firsts in her career: from being the first to introduce Emotional Intelligence (EI) to Ireland in the 1990s, to developing tailored 360 Degree Competency Programs with the RCSI Institute of Leadership. Furthermore, Peak Connexxion is the only Accredited Organisation outside the US to be using the “Purpose At Work” portfolio from Imperative.com.

We take pride in offering commitment and energy in both the design and delivery of all our projects, working with integrity and dedication to make a difference both for the individual and the organisation. We work hard to specifically customise and tailor programmes for each client to deliver real and sustainable value. Our goal is to improve organisational performance and leadership skills by enhancing individual performance, behaviours, self-awareness and skills development.

We also offer enormous value to individuals who come to us for Personal Coaching, Interviewee Preparation or to work with us through one of the many highly valuable Development Instruments we personally tailor towards their goals.


We are renowned for delivering world class excellence in innovative coaching and training programmes in the public and private sectors for many years both in Ireland and internationally.


We tailor our programmes to your “Real Business Needs” leaving a positive footprint and a legacy of skilled people with best-in-class management practice.

All our programmes are grounded in organisational reality and are evidence based with a proven track record. We use techniques that work in practice integrating theory into “Action”.  

Our products are developed in tandem with your organisation’s management team and are researched and developed to find what works so that delivery is focused, cost effective and profitability enhancing.